Meditation is not finding peace into the silence.

Meditation is finding silence and peace and clarity whithin the noise, despite the destractions. Clearing the mind from inside out. Letting go of all the unnecessary thoughts.
Clarity. Of what needs to be done. Or what is worth doing and what is frivoulous
The meditation, the divine and the mundane every day world are not separate. They are all one. Interconnected and intertwined.
Find the meditation in the little things.
When you sweep and fold the laundry. When you cook or make love.
Be present. Be there 100 %.
Nothing else matters at that moment.
Be there when you wake up and feel your achy bones without making a laundry list of what needs to be achieved during the day.
Be there one hundred percent when you lay in bed at night and listen to your breath. Do not distract the mind with endless conversations.
Simply melt into your being. Do not judge, do not praise.
Just be grateful for everything you have been given.
The gift of light and air inside you. Experience it, share it, gift it.
Rejoyce in your peace, rejoyce in your sorrow, rejoyce in being you.

is not sitting still and wrapping your mind around how the world is.

Meditation can happen anywhere: during a walk in nature, while gazing at the stars or in the eyes of a loved one. Mediation is simply being here and now. It can happen on the street, while you are reading a book, or get engulfed in what you are doing. Becoming so present that nothing else exist but you and the moment.

When you can find some inner peace while surrounded by chaos and get rooted into yourself, then you are truly meditating.

In yoga we become one with the breath, one with the movement and find the inner balance.

The moment where time stops and everything else begins


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